Jazzology 17.3.08 – Neuvorstellungen



In der Jazzology – Sendung vom 17.3.08 um 21 Uhr im Freien Radio Rhein-Neckar laufen Neuvorstellungen…

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Jutta Glaser – Claus Boesser-Ferrari – Ajoi
Acoustic Music

Afro Blue
So fröhlich wie der Morgenwind
So fröhlich wie der Morgenwind II
Lost And Found
Oh Well


Jörg Schippa – Rattle The Cage

The Daily Dilemma
The Unknon Shore
The Miraculous Island: Dancing In The Warm Rain
The Butterfly And The Orchid
The World Is A Puzzle


Open Trio – Goodbye Everytime
Found You Recordings

Untiteld Hymn
Last Crooked Mile
Enheten för obeställbara brev
New Picture, Old Frame



Lisa Wahlandt meets Mulo Francel – Brisa do Mar
GLM Music

Brisa do Mar
Sábado em Copacabana
Stay a while



Christoph Thewes Quintett – Plays the music of Charles Mingus

Canon / Better Git Hit In Your Soul / Slop
Fables Of Faubus / Pithecantropus Erectus

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