Karl Berger in New York, montags im „The Stone“

Montags in New York?

Dann empfiehlt der Jazzblogger die folgende montägliche  Veranstaltung mit dem Pianisten und Vibraphonisten Karl Berger!

Karl Berger's Stone Workshop Orchestra


The Stone is proud to host a new series of CMS workshops in 2011: a new improviser's workshop orchestra gets underway EVERY MONDAY NIGHT IN 2011 led by composer/pianist/vibist Karl Berger. Conducted in the tradition of the legendary Creative Music Studio, original compositions, themes by the likes of Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, and world musical melodies will be utilized for orchestral explorations and contrasting solo/duo/trio flights. This series supports the Creative Music Studio Archive Project.

Performers include:  Art Bailey (accordion), Skye Steele (violin) Sylvain Leroux (flutes), Jorge Sylvester, David Schnug (alto sax) Stephen Gauci, Catherine Sikora (tenor and soprano sax), Thomas Heberer, Bob Selcoe (trumpet), Brian Drye, Steve Swell (trombone), Patrick Glynn, Adam Caine (guitar) Dominic Lash, David Perrott, Adam Lane (bass), Jeremy Carlstedt, Mike Pride (drums), Ingrid Sertso (vocals) Karl Berger (piano, melodica, conducting) and surprise guests. The list of professional players participating in Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra is growing.

All are welcome to the 7:30 rehearsal and 9:30 performance for one fee of $10

The Stone is located at the corner of Ave C and 2nd St, NYC

During the ’70- and ’80s, the Woodstock-based Creative Music Studio was considered the premier study center for contemporary creative music. Founded in 1971 by Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso and Ornette Coleman, CMS brought together leading innovators in the jazz and world music communities. Unprecedented in its range and diversity, CMS was an acknowledged phenomenon in the international music world. The CMS Archive of 400 recordings is presently being digitized and re-mastered in collaboration with Columbia University. And Karl Berger and Friends continue to present residencies world-wide, notably in Italy, Germany, Istanbul and Brazil. See: www.creativemusicstudio.org

Contact: creativemusicstudio@gmail.com

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